Bored? I’ve Got You Sorted.

Hey Internet!

Today I’m going to show you what things you can do when you’re bored! I saw Zoe Ware doing one of these on her Youtube channel not long ago and I’m going to use the same step one/disclaimer.

  1. Are you sure you aren’t procrastinating? Make sure you have nothing to do. If you are bored with doing your homework then, *Nike says it all* JUST DO IT! It’s not as if you have nothing you need to be doing, so, get it done with, then carry on with these steps.
  2. If you are following a long at home then now you’ll actually, probably, be bored! Step two is to go outside. At least every day you must go out into the world and just get some fresh air. Whether that’s doing your 30 minutes of excercise by going on a short walk, or going on a bike ride with your friends to a little cafè, whatever suits you!

Long, long legs!

3) I think this is slightly separate to the second step: go get some excercise! Anything from dancing, to rugby: just go out and get started!

4) Read a book: get lost in a great book.


Maybe the Princess and Star Wars combination is a bit weird…?

5) Make a den! I’ll make a whole post on this but go back to the future and make a den. Line it with fairy lights, blankets, a book, some Pom-pom makers (maybe only for me then?) and YouTube. You’ll have a whale of a time.


6) BAKE! Get messy and try out some recipes that seem interesting. Make them as wacky and wonderful as you like. Please send me photos!

7) Sketch or DIY, do something artistic! Maybe a pygmy-puff,  or a glitter globe like this one!


8) Start a blog, and write your hearts out! A blog is the best thing to do when you’re bored.

9) Practice/start to learn a musical instrument. I play cello, keyboard and a bit of ukulele.

10) Tidy your room, sort out your space. Throw some things away and finally sort your huge clothes pile!

11) Start a diary (bullet journal are awesome! I follow YouTube channel ‘Doodles By Sarah’ for awesome tips on bullet diaries)

12) Take up a new hobby. Easier said than done I’m afraid…

13) Go through your old toys or watch some cringey TV shows from your childhood!



I hope you like these ideas! Please send me some awesome things you do when you’re bored.

Have a great non-boring day,



A Gentle Crystal Morning | Poetry

Hey Internet!

Long time no see! I’ve been on a short break in Amsterdam from Monday-Wednesday. I did promise you photos! They’re on their way, I just need to download them. And anyway, I can’t do with a photo dump right now. XD


This morning I went on a walk, and I thought a bit beyond the ordinary. I’m going to show you some descriptive text/poetry that I composed in my head:

“The wind was a river of sunlight, along the gusty trees,

The leaves were delicate pendants, glistening to be seen.

And the warmth was a kiln of Blacksmith’s, over the high-strung moor,

The graveyard started crunching, crunching,

The graveyard of fallen pendants, dying, dying,

Why do we leave these lying,

Along the high-strung moor.


My Inspiration/Reference

The crystallization of rocks, beside the gliding hopes,

The giving of the houses, leaving them to rot.

And the water was running, running on ropes.

It’s hard to be a good man, good man,

When life’s bad and, bad and,

When lives bad and strung over the world.”

*I’m not the poetic type, as you can tell*

I hope you like it! It’s based around the style of  ‘The Highwayman’  poem.

Please let me know if you would like to see more of my poem-y bits!


Love, Art And a Few Tangents

Hey Internet!

Thank you so much for likes and comments on my last post. The collaboration was lovely to put together so I’m pleased you loved it!

Just to clear things up a bit:

I will not be posting till Friday or Thursday as I’m going to Amsterdam! I’ll be taking lots of photos in this wonderful city. I hope you enjoy photo dumps! My posting schedule is currently Monday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday (definitely once a weekend). So that’s three posts per week!

*sorry for all of my cheesy exclamation mark ending sentences. I’m not talented in this online world :)*

Today I’m dumping some sketches and brainstorms. No, they’re not works of art, however, the stages of becoming an artist are awesome to see. I certainly love stalking other’s social media profiles to see these things…


*Absolute nonsense*

*CRINGE* I love drawing, painting and doodling. It’s nice to express yourself with simple characters. That’s why blogging is so awesome! Random people from all over the world are seeing your expressions, not your influence.

When I started this blog way back last year (it seems like centuries ago, I do not know how I coped without it) I did it to anonymously speak to teenagers/young adults who need some reassurance and time to themselves. I love being anonymous because no-one can judge what you look like, but only your inner self. And I think that’s the beast and beauty of the world.

People judge you from the outside.

And it’s not the inside they see first.


Chibi brother and sister ❤

I don’t think I believe in love at first sight. One glance, ‘ain’t enough to fall in love. Yes, Jack loved Rose’s looks, and I can’t blame him, she’s beautiful (I’m not gay, by the way, I know it’s sounds kinda’ weird). But Rose got to new Jack before love started to form in-between them. I think it’s takes more than ‘a glance’ to properly fall in love. What do you think? Do you find love at first sight something to believe in?


Terrible fail at mosaic!

My main artist cheerleaders are YouTubers and close friends! (I’m such a saddo)

Thank you for reading/quickly scanning my post! I hope you loved my cheesy tangents and weird sketches!



“Do your future self a favour, and work hard today.” – Unknown

Debating Animal Testing | Ft. InfinitelyADayDreamer

Hey Internet!

I know I’ve been mentioning a collaboration with “infinitelyadaydreamer” for a while now. Well, it’s finally here! I can’t thank Maryam enough for this opportunity, but, when within my reach, it’s hard not to take the experience!

We’re today debating the war over animal testing. Imagine a strong, powerful storm is approaching you. That with be me and Maryam. Opening a rainbow full of treasures to explore.


Here we go!

Maryam’s Vital Opinion:

I could think of a billion reasons why I’m against animal testing.

To really understand this issue, we need to go to the root of the problem.

What’s that?

That is the basis of all destruction.

The belief that others aren’t worthy of the same treatment, the same respect and care that we, as people, expect.

And that is why companies go ahead with their cruel experiments. Because to them, it is nothing.

Hitler. The concentration camps.

Yes, it’s happening again.

That’s what we are like, to them.

Or am I using an overly extreme example?

Animals are like us. Exactly like us.

Let’s not be the people we’re afraid of.


I am a vegetarian.

For me, for the animals, for love.

When I found better sustenance, my eyes were truly opened to every aspect of this lifestyle.

I couldn’t be a willing participant in the pain of this world’s most innocent, so I simply stopped.

I threw away all my makeup, and vowed never to buy brands that supported animal testing again.

Vegetarianism is honestly so much more than cutting out meat.

It’s about going to bed with a clear conscience.

Knowing you are doing right.

All life clings to life.


My Bunny, Tufty-Fluff (don’t ask about the name please…)

My Opinion:

There’s nothing but hate in animal testing.

Why is it that we all say that we are against it in this argument yet it isn’t enough to persuade the big brands?

I believe in equal rights; the same goes for animals.

We are animals, we live on earth, we have a purpose.

So do they.

Before humans, all that animals had to do was to reproduce and bring up their offspring.

Yet we have made one of the biggest impacts on the world and we aren’t here to just keep the race living.


We are here to leave a special footprint.

That’s not where we are going with animal testing. No way.

So consider your choices.

Go out there and make a good impact. Never go back to being inconsiderate.

Little things like putting sauce on chips can make a massive difference. If you didn’t add sauce, your parents might’ve brought up a different conversation. You could’ve not started to draw passionately, who knows? But it makes a difference.

“Thou shall not kill”, taken from The Holy Bible: The Ten Commandments. In this particular quote He doesn’t mention in which species we shall not kill. So why are some Christians killing animals during animal testing?

Just something to think about.


We have a big galaxy to take care of, not just Earth.

I hoped you over our collaboration! Please leave your debates down below. If you like to see more of Maryam then please check out her awesome blog! Full of photos, animals and advice; what’s not to like?

Have a great weekend. Spend it wisely! (I know how fast they go!) Anything interesting going on in your life? Please contact me!

Take care,

Erin xx

Save The Rainforests | *Warning*

Today I performed in a production.

For the first time in that particular group.

When I got out on to the stage, anxiety was no problem.

I went out there I gave it my all, not anxious at all.

Miracles can really happen!

Hey Internet!

At the moment I’m working on a collaboration with ‘infinitelyadaydreamer’ about animal testing! We’ve been emailing back and forth for a while now and it feels literally as if we’re sitting opposite each other on a couch, we’ve become such good friends. The joint post is hopefully coming out on Friday.

Anyway, leave the excitement for a minute whilst I ramble: (on, and on, and on)

Save The Rainforests

A title you don’t see very often, I’m guessing. Just like animal testing, here comes the rainforest argument, one I’ve been very interested in and seen in and around social media.


Here are some valuable reasons why we should save the rainforests:

1) Animals of all shapes and sizes have thrived in rainforests since the beginning of time, their lives and spirituality are inextricably linked to the plants, animals and flow of life in this rich environment. They help us to learn what we need to know about the rainforest. Many of them are facing extinction as the rainforests diminish.

2) Almost half of the prescribed drugs that are used in the USA come from rainforest plants. Children with leukemia are treated with a drug from a rainforest flower. Malaria and heart disease are treated with some medicines made from rainforest plants.


3) Without the rainforest to soak up rain and release it slowly: floods and droughts become more common. Global warming and climate change are accentuated.

4) Rainforests are a place for migratory birds to live during harsh Northern winters. Many species of birds, animals, and plants will not be able to find the right conditions they need in order to live, and they will become extinct.

5) Costa Rica is a very small country in Central America, with its widest point being only 185 miles across. It is smaller than West Virginia but contains approximately 500,000 species of animals, birds, and plants in rainforests.

Nice random summary about rainforests! Sorry it’s pretty out of the blue.

Take care everyone and a have an amazing day!

Erin xx


Graffiti: Art Or Vandalism? | Mini Question Series

Hello Internet!

It feels so weird that I haven’t posted for almost a week. My life is so hectic at the moment that I have no space to write! On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I haven’t had a moment to speak to myself yet my imagination is buzzing with posts I want to write for you. I’m working on a few posts at once so I can still keep you posted when I’m away/too busy.

Big questions like: ‘Is graffiti art or vandalism?’ keep popping up in my *very* unusual life. I thought I’d debate for and against, then my very speechless opinion! I’d love to know which side you support by the end of this.



Graffiti is certainly a way of showing disrespect to other people’s property in silent, anonymous way. Yes, of course, it can put across meaning but just think about the person who’s going to see that everyday, walking to work or school, less and less motivated because they’re so fed up with your soppy message. It costs a hell of a lot of money to clean up your paint and whoever is doing this chore has poor pay: so much research has shown it! These lovely people have better things to do than clean up your mess in their free-time. They could be helping to build a skatepark where by all means you can graffiti and some young communities will be brought together whilst exercising, don’t you think that’s a better idea? And where there’s art in vandalism, there’s no point. You might as well have painted your masterpiece on a large sheet of paper to be framed and placed in a gallery. You don’t need to do it on a car-park wall where others might scrawl over it, not when you have put talent, time and effort into it!



On abandoned buildings, yes, you have the right to graffiti because no-one owns the building but think about the place opposite, the lovely restaurant, where couples love to spend their time together and one day, Valentines perhaps, they see unpleasant swear words scrawled over the building opposite. How would that make you feel?

Life isn’t for stupidity of vandalism, it’s for hope and encouragement; think about that for a second.


Us talented artists put out time into brightening up grey old car-parks and sad-looking walls. We are hoping to put a valuable message across to passers-by and occasionally the homeless. Banksy is a good example, he doesn’t look for fame in what he does, he looks for a good impact on our people. The only reason we know him is because we recognised his graffiti as a good thing, not a bad.

Why do some of us hate the teenage street artists but then come home to admire a public ‘graffiti’ artwork? Why is it that some of you love the message on a card that was inspired by a graffiti painting? Why? Just why?


My Opinion

I’m mixed between the two of these arguments. I agree with elements of both. I’m pretty speechless in this debate; I can really support both ‘for’ and ‘against’ strongly so I’m torn towards both. This such a hard question to answer!

I hope you enjoyed my little Sunday ramble! Please let me know what your opinion is on this kind of post, and whether you’re for or against!

Stay safe,

Erin xx

P.S I know I sound kind of angry within this post! XD

Nicknames | Part 1/2 | I’m Pure?

Hey Internet!

This is a very serious matter, about some of the names I have and their origin. I’m not going to be listing them all because we could be here for hours but here are some of the most commonly used. The name ‘Catherine’ (my actual Christian name) is a Greek word meaning ‘pure’ (I am certainly that!).


This is a Google suggestion of ‘pure’ XD

The first name I’m going to be talking *rambling* about is ‘Mip’. My brother, best friend and my brother’s friends all call me Mip. This literally has no origin yet my brother has used this pet name from an early age. I think it stands for ‘most important person’ then everyone else has the idea it’s ‘most irritating person’? Please be nice.


The second is Kitty. My mum calls me Kitty or Kit’, there’s something very annoying about this one because I never know whether she’s calling the cat or me! Usually I ask for a bit of clarification.


I wish I could survive with being lazy LOL


The third is plainly ‘Catherine’. This is pretty self-explanatory. Sometimes it’s a very enthusiastic ‘Cathy!’ or ‘Cath!’ but I prefer Mip, Erin or Kitty to be honest with you.

And finally we’re concluding with my nicknames ‘weird’ and ‘overly Whovian’; these are used a lot in circumstances I don’t like them in!


My posting schedule is on Saturday, Monday and occasionally Tuesday. I am very sorry that it’s not well spaced out but Wednesday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are very busy for me. I’m also putting a lot of effort into some upcoming posts so I find it better that this blog should hold more quality than quantity.



Thanks to ‘Pexels’ for providing the photos and my brother for helping me correct the paragraph about him! He has a YouTube channel named ‘Jonny Mark One’ which I will link here. Big thanks to you for reading and,

Take care,

Erin, xx

Sketch Dump | Fantasy Photo

Hey guys!

I am so stuck to write anything. My mind is wandering off to subjects of the fantasy world and reality just isn’t worth writing about. I have no words, absolutely none. My life isn’t terrible but my creative mind thinks so. Today I’m just dumping some photos of sketches and brainstorms so you can see my weird, wacky wildness! I also know I’m going insane right now because I’m only listening to the “Mamma Mia” songs on repeat in my free time.

I hope you like these sketches! (I can’t call myself an artist so these are really childishly terrible! XD)



NSPCC ‘Speak Out’ based artwork


Doodling where I shouldn’t XD


Very old Phoenix sketch


Brainstorm blues LOL


Creepy doodles… 

Thanks for sticking around and ‘Happy Saturday!’

Erin, xx

P.S Sorry about the quality of some of these photos, England isn’t a place of amazing natural lighting!

Novel Extract! | Sneak Peek

Hey Internet!

Today I’m sharing with you a novel extract that I’ve been working on. It’s not edited or anything but I hope it’s still OK! I know this isn’t carrying on with my mini-series but it will be right back on track very soon. Also, seeing as Valentines is coming up I’m going to be sharing some awesome DIYs that I’ve prepared for you. (This is super rushed and literally straight from my phone so, the quality aint too good!)


Here’s the extract (this is actually all I’ve done besides note-taking. XD) :

‘It moved. Why was it moving? That should not of been moving, well, not on it’s own anyway…

They said I was up to no good; I wasn’t, yet I wasn’t up to no bad either. The tower leaned towards the floor, and there I saw it in the corner of my eye before cascading it’s pieces on the floor like an un-put-together puzzle. Puzzles reminded me dreadfully of my sister, we used to work on them every night by the fire until she rose to heaven 7 years ago. The years took so long to pass without her and I said, wished and prayed to get out my terrible mess of a life and runaway. This is where my story begins:

It wasn’t my choice to be beaten and bullied: it was never a good life when father’s favouritism started to take lead. According to mother I’d never grown up to be a woman, or even grown up at all. It never mattered to me when my head was full of fairytales because I never thought there was this terrible reality. Sadly there is, but my scholarship overwhelms my other duties and I make myself more work when I know I have a long evening at home.

I was always dreaming to achieve my biggest goals, which were to: reach university, get a degree and stand with the suffragette movement proudly. However, my ambition to leave my present life strung me on it’s lead; what was I to do?’


A great but terrible cliff-hanger, hey? I hope you liked it. Please give me some character name suggestions down below! Just as an overview, this story is set in the late Edwardians, very close to the World War.

Take care everyone,

Erin, xx


The Art, Books and Changes | Mini Series

Hey Internet!

Today I’m carrying on with my little question series. Today’s question is from my email friend Ashley, she asks: ‘what changes are you going to make around your blog this year?’.

I’m going to be changing a lot around this year, since it is one of my resolutions. The things I am going to be including are:

  • Mini series’ (like this one)
  • DIYs! I have friendships bracelet hacks and how-to’s coming up.
  • Tying in with ‘DIYing’ is art. I love art: seeing a boring sketch come to life in paints and colour is truly magical. I’ll be posting a lot of tips, sketchbook tours and art advice: to *cough, cough* share my skills!


  • Collabs – I find collaborations a nice way to grab a different audience of another blogger and build a bigger community! I know that my recent collaborations have helped boost other’s followers.
  • Book reviews – I love sharing my opinions on different things, especially books (bookworm alert!) and reviewing on app stores and writing replies to bloggers is really lovely, so they’re very similar.
  • Favourites. At the end of every two months or so I’m hoping to get some good photos of things I’ve been loving! I know I love reading/watching them. These will include things like poems, music, food, (who could forget the food?) clothing, books, blog and YouTube channels etc.
  • This year I’m hoping to pursue more in photography; being one of my hobbies it’s absolutely essential that I can make the most of it. So photo dumps and challenges revolving around the topic will be seen often!


  • Writing a novel is one of my challenges for this year. I’m going to be posting a lot of extracts here and please get in touch too if you can advise any good coaches around the subject (or you; I know there’s talent hiding within your blogs and websites!)

These are my main aims in blogging this year. Jumping into 2019 and later on this year I’m thinking of starting YouTube and receiving money from my hobby by incorporating some advertisements here and there.

I know I’ve been out of posting schedule for a few days but let’s get it rolling again!

Thanks for the questions, please keep sending them in! Leave a comment down below saying what changes you would like to see around here if you want any!

Stay safe guys,

Erin, xx

P.S you wouldn’t believe the amount of time it took for all of the photo’s to upload! Some of these are really old, from about one month ago!